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ExCeL London UK 18th – 21st May 2012

Dear Friend,

Let’s be realistic. We’re living in a time when most people are lowering their expectations. We live in a time of tremendous uncertainty.

At a time when 55% of British people believe that the quality of life for themselves and their children’s future is far less than was in the past. We’re in a season of change - where must thrive and not survive.

I invite you to come and join me this May at my forthcoming event in London. To secure your tickets, click the link below:

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No matter how successful you are now, there’s a gap between where you are and where you want to be. If your career is going great, you very often don’t have time for your kids. If your relationship with your kids is wonderful, your body is out of whack or your intimate relationship is not where you want it to be.

After 34 years of working with more than four million people from 100 countries, I’ve designed and refined a process that will help you take control of your life - to redefine what you want today and create a plan to eliminate the choke-hold on your life and rejuvenate yourself: emotionally, physically
and mentally.

Three years from now the world will be different. Are you prepared to take advantage of it today?

Unleash The Power Within is about unlocking and unleashing the forces inside you that can help you to break through any limit and create the quality of life that you desire and deserve.

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I hope you will join me for 3½ days that will change your life forever.

I will help you as you enter through your own crossroads of greatness. It will be my pleasure to serve you.

Until then Live Strong and as always,
Live With Passion!

Anthony Robbins
World Authority on Leadership Psychology

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